What is PokePalace?

PokePalace is basically a virtual chat room you can hangout with friends in. You're able to share conversation, share photos, watch movies, and make great memories. All for FREE! The main feature is, of course, chatting. But there's a lot of different things you can do during.


Instantly upload any photo from your computer or the web to wear or browse through our many, many prop rooms of all different catagories. We have dolls, anime, fashion, you name it!


There's a ton of different games to choose from, from arcade games to Pictionary, even Wheel of Fortune. We also have in-room games such as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever.


Watch YouTube, full movies, Vimeo, and other type of things together! Enjoy the dedicated video rooms or watch YouTube together in the main chatzones.


There's a large variety of different Chat Zones! Each have a beautiful, detailed background for you to enjoy while you chat together. There's even a YouTube video player right in the room so you can listen to music or watch funny cat videos together.

We also offer 18+ Chat Zones so you can discuss anything adult-orientated without worry.


Some of our builders have developed a classic RPG-esque town for you to explore. It features shops, parks, and even a maze for you to explore. Whether you're roleplaying as a shop owner with your friends or trying to solve the DanDee Town puzzle, you're sure to have a great time here!


Hand in hand with the town comes houses. They are multi-room and password protected. No one can enter your house unless you give them your password! Fully customizable, you're free to decorate until your heart's content. You'll be given your own street, and even get to choose the street name.

Clubhouses are a bit different, as everyone in your club is given access to the room. But you're still free to decorate as you please, choose your location, ect!

Apartments are different, as well. You have a choice to set a password or not, kick out any problem users, upload and change your background as you please, and set your own rules for the room.

Other Features

As you get more familiar with the program, you'll learn all about editing avatars, scripting your cyborg, and making your own graphics. It might sound a bit confusing now, but don't worry! It's all easy to learn, and totally up to you if you want to or not.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about the history of PalaceChat itself, feel free to check out the Wiki.


11/15/2017 Website is live!

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